Born in the heart of Paris

We're born in Paris, France, in 2020 with a simple mission to reinvent customer care, one ticket at a time.


Our vision

We're a team of entrepreneurs who all felt a need for better customer care solutions. You know the rest.

Customer support shouldn't be a hassle

Spend more time on meaningful things for you and win back time to focus on what you do best: your business. We handle all your support, while maintaining a high-level of quality, 24/7 at competitive rates.

Building human support driven by quality

We believe in technology, and this is why we empower our support heroes with our proprietary tech to give them some superpowers. A perfect combination of humans x technology is our magic and how we ensure consistent high-quality.

If done right, support is an investment, not a cost

How many great companies grew thanks to their excellent customer support? Onepilot helps you build a level of excellence you can't find elsewhere by combining a unique mix of experience, technology and the best heroes, carefully selected.
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Founding team

Kenza El Ghadouini


Adrien Hugon


Lucas Bornert


Pierre Latscha


Robin Monnier


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