E-merchants, are you ready for Black Friday 2021?

Onepilot supports your internal teams in the run-up to Black Friday

Let your internal support team focus on the most important tasks

Increase your sales through instantaneous responses

Manage your peak activity without increasing your payroll

Control the increase in pre- and post-sales related contacts

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Preparing for the Black Friday spikes

Preparing for Black Friday 2021

As Black Friday 2021 approaches, you've probably prepared for the sales spikes by optimising your website, preparing acquisition campaigns, and managing your promotions.

But have you thought about preparing your customer service for the Black Friday spikes?

Adapting customer service to peak periods

During peak periods, most e-retailers are faced with a number of problems in adapting their customer service. Preparing the increase in sales, estimating contact and incident rates, finding new agents and taking the time to train them is often time-consuming and rarely profitable since it only concerns a one-off event.

Onepilot supports your teams during Black Friday with a tailor-made offer

Onepilot's agents respond to all your customers, across all channels, to help you maximise your results this Black Friday 2021.
Our agents respond to enquiries by phone, chat, email, and even through social media, and increase your conversion rate through a personalized response while maintaining your brand personality.

Offer your customers an all-day and all-evening response, up to 1am, to make the most of this exceptional day, when 60% of purchases take place outside of normal business hours.

Our team will continue to support you throughout your peak period, managing complex processes such as late deliveries, lost parcels, return requests and complaints across all your channels during Black Friday weekend and the following weeks.

A flexible, simple and custom-made service

For Black Friday 2020, were you forced to recruit new agents, ask your internal teams to train them, while making sure you had correctly estimated the increase in the number of tickets per day?

Onepilot allows you to put your users in the hands of customer service experts, with no tech integration, no setup fees, and in less than 48 hours.

We answer all your tickets, or only the channels, times, or types of tickets you need.

Finally, Onepilot fully adapts to your tone of voice, ensuring a service that is equal to that of your staff.

Who are Onepilot's agents?

Our agents are customer service experts, all based in the UK or in France. Backed by proprietary technology, our agents respond to all of your users' requests, from complex processes to answering the phone, chat, or your social networks, instantly.

Agents are trained to know your brand inside out, so they can offer a constructive, responsive, fast, local and personalized answer.

Pre-purchase, our agents can provide accurate answers about your product features, place orders for your customers, or resolve payment issues to maximise your conversion rate.

Post-purchase, our agents provide your customers with a tailored response about the status of their order, and can carry out complex processes such as arranging refunds, managing returns, offering promotional codes or responding quickly to your customers on social media.

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