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January 11, 2024

Vertuoza and Onepilot - a success story

Vertuoza and Onepilot - a success story

Vertuoza and Onepilot - a success story

About Vertuoza

Vertuoza is the ultimate management and leadership software for construction businesses. With a focus on team efficiency, task management and  processes follow-up, Vertuoza is designed to meet the unique needs of companies in the building industry. It centralises all a company’s activities on a single platform, which grants a 360 view of its current state. It is responsive to specific business needs, and can be used to manage stocks and resources, issue price quotes, report field interventions, keep track of finances, and numerous other necessary functions. 

Why leveraging Onepilot's outbound sales service? 

Vertuoza reached out to Onepilot to diversify its business development strategy. With over 1200 inbound leads originating from online ads or SEOs, the dependance on social media and Google became too strong, which triggered the company’s desire to explore new forms of expansion. With this in mind, Vertuoza aimed to directly contact qualified leads through a team of sales development representatives (SDRs), hence enlarging the number of prospects attained while leveraging the benefits of live conversations. With international markets in sight, Vertuoza is adjusting its approach to optimise its conversion rate and to strengthen its presence across the construction industry. This initiative also echoed the company’s desire to accelerate its growth process, without going through the struggles of recruiting additional full-time SDRs, who are equally complex to scout and to train. 

How did Onepilot operate? 

Onepilot proved to be an ideal solution for such needs, as it served as the gateway to a cohort of SDRs entirely constituted through our in-house recruitment funnel. Agents were then trained using our proprietary technology, which enabled Onepilot to develop training programs elaborated in collaboration with Vertuoza’s customer care managers. Ultimately, the Onepilot agent cohort worked as a direct extension of their team. 

“Onepilot offers a streamlined onboarding process, facilitating direct engagement. The approach is swift, providing relevant information, addressing potential objections, and efficiently creating a comprehensive database for a smooth and efficient workflow.”

Vertuoza is free from the obligation to forge a dedicated, permanent team internally, and enables its employees to focus on other aspects of their work, such as product development or operations management, which happens to highly stimulate the company’s performance. With Onepilot, Vertuoza can instantly leverage the productivity of dozens of trained agents to perform outbound calls, therefore importantly increasing brand awareness and conversion rates. 

What were the results? 

Onepilot’s agents are pushing 20 qualified and attended demos a week on average. Compared to the price per demo obtained from social media ads, Onepilot is 2 times cheaper than social media marketing for an equivalent number of demos booked and a similar conversion rate. Our business model, which combines a competitive hourly flat fee with a variable component based on the number of attended demos, guarantees top-notch performances from our agents and maximises return on investment. In addition, as the mechanisms become well-oiled and processes streamline, the occurrence of no-shows following a booked demo has significantly decreased, thanks to the resilience and continual improvement of our Heroes.

“Through iterative processes, we reach a version that bears fruit, significantly reducing the occurrence of no-shows. The continual refinement results in a more effective and successful outcome over time”

This observation and our positive results notably encouraged Vertuoza to book more shifts, and to envision the future alongside Onepilot, even beyond borders. To finish with, we could summarise this partnership by quoting Vertuoza’s team: 

“There is always a solution, which we end up by figuring out together. Everything is simple, and our relationship with Onepilot is meant to last”. 

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