About us

We're born in Paris, France with a simple mission to reinvent customer care, one ticket at a time.

Our vision

We're a team of entrepreneurs who all felt a need for better customer care solutions. You know the rest.

Customer support shouldn't be a hassle

Spend more time on things that matter to you and focus on what you do best: your business. We handle all your support, while maintaining a high-level of quality, 24/7 at competitive rates.

Building quality-driven human support

We believe in technology, and this is why we empower our support agents with our proprietary tech to give them some superpowers. A perfect combination of human & technology is what makes us magic and how we ensure consistent high-quality.

If done right, support is an investment, not a cost

We now live in a relationship-centric world. Onepilot helps you bring excellence to your customer experience by combining a unique mix of experience, technology and carefully-selected agents.

Our principles

Dream big, aim small. Repeat daily

We have great ambitions but do things step by step. We accept problems and view them as an opportunity to challenge ourselves, improve and become better.

We lead by example

We do not ask other people to do things we cannot do. We do not do things we do not want others to do.

We exist for our clients' users

We help end users and we strive to provide them with the best customer service.

We keep pushing to achieve results

We commit to find solutions and achieve results. Targets motivate us.

Honesty and kindness empower our team

We say things as they are. We act fairly and think collectively.

Why is it a good time to join Onepilot now?

Meet Daphné, Account Operations Manager (in French)

Ready to join us?

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