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April 6, 2022

Head Of Quality: an all-encompassing role at Onepilot

Head Of Quality: an all-encompassing role at Onepilot

Head Of Quality: an all-encompassing role at Onepilot

Onepilot was born less than a year ago, and we are already proud to announce 2M ARR. 

As a tech-powered and modern outsourcing company, our goal has always been to solve our customer’s end-users’ tickets in the most reactive, efficient, and personalized way. Driven by offering only the best solution to our customers, and only the best work tools and environment to our heroes, we wanted to emphasize the work of some of our team members who helped us get there. 

One of the many actors of this success is Coralie Pascal, our Head of Quality. Let’s dive into her history and her role as a Head of Quality, here at Onepilot. 

Creating a Head of Quality role: our internal mobility policy in action

Before becoming Head of Quality, Coralie Pascal has had a long history at Onepilot. 

During our beta test phase, Coralie was one of our very first heroes. Back at the time when our “tech stack” consisted of a Google Doc for our Knowledge base and a Google Sheets for our billing, her problem-solving skills as well as her abilities as a tools-whisperer were of such help that she was soon offered an Account Manager position. 

The early months of Onepilot were rich in changes: a beta of our Onepilot app was published, while more and more clients were asking us to help them solve their end-users’ tickets; pretty soon, came the dilemma: should we slow down our growth in order to focus on our tech, or have our Ops team carry the brunt of the daily work while our tech was gradually deployed? The second option was chosen, and Coralie, along with a growing team of Account Managers, held the house standing, while participating in the early structuration of our operations. 

As every part of Onepilot grew, came the need for company-wide projects: building unified processes for the whole Ops team; following a thread from the first demo to the daily management of a customer’s account. That is where our internal mobility policy came into play. 

One of our core principles at Onepilot is: “Lead by example”; which means that we do not ask others to do things we are not willing to do ourselves. As a result, we ask our team members to know all the operational side of our business before moving on to other positions; and we often try to open new positions and promotions to our team-members before making them public. 

That is how Coralie applied to the brand new position of Head of Quality, an all-encompassing role, to help us bring unified processes and company-wide structure to our operations. 

Enhancing Quality at Onepilot: building excellence 

Embracing complexity

As time went by, companies with complex products, solutions or processes also started asking us to help them in their growth; while this would ask us to devote a lot of time to training and ticket-solving, Coralie focused on one major goal: ensuring that complexity would not be a criteria for screening. 

As our expertise grew, we started working on ways to understand complex processes and easily transmit our knowledge, through in-house training, automation, and a strong belief that continuous improvement would be the future of Onepilot. That is how we started working with processes including legal, technical, or economical aspects, training our team and support heroes in the complexities of health mutuals, NFTs and blockchain-related contracts. 

Improving internal quality

Coralie’s role also ensures a unified level of knowledge and rigour within the team. 

Our company works with a batch system: Account Managers, helped with Operations Associates, pilot these mini-Onepilots with their own customers and agents. Coralie Pascal makes sure that each batch carries the same level of excellence in its processes and results.

Latest analytics : smoothed numbers

First, by training every new Account manager herself through a two-month-long period during which the New AM shadows her during screening processes, and performs their first onboardings with her. Secondly, by writing our internal processes which will be put to use in our batches, and by following several KPIs. 

Enhancing tools’ and processes’ quality

As a ticketing tool whisperer, Coralie is also in charge of reviewing every tool and process, first during the onboarding process, and then on an ongoing basis, with the aim of gaining time for our heroes, and therefore for our end-users. 

This is done through two processes: 

  • First, creating views that will enable our heroes to find the right tickets at the right time, following our clients’ requirements. For instance, prioritizing social media comments over NPS surveys for companies that wish to focus on their social media, or enabling several agents to work at the same time on a single tool when facing +6000 messages of backlog during peak season. 

  • Secondly, by suggesting or implementing automation within our own tools: our agents used to spend at least 3 seconds searching for and adding the time at which a ticket had been received; now, our tech can find the time by itself, allowing agents to sometimes double the number of tickets solved in an hour. 

Finally, Coralie meets with every client every three months, so as to get a better understanding of their current and future needs, as well as review KPIs relating to quality. 

3- Next projects: Putting humans at the heart of customer care

Letting customers drive the KPIs

As time goes by, Onepilot’s goal is to go from tech-driven, to tech-powered, human-monitored. 

But, just like with every aspect of tech, Humans must remain at the centre of our attention. One of Coralie’s goals will be to understand better what generates satisfaction for our end-users. 

Metrics such as NPS and CSAT will keep being used, but we will probably add new metrics and ideas to the mix. 

As for our clients, Coralie’s role will be to find the best way to ensure quality by understanding how they would like us to perform or communicate with them. 

Making empathy the biggest quality factor

Also, one of the main goals of Onepilot is to offer human responses, and therefore to create a structure in which empathy has its place. 

One of Coralie Pascal’s big challenges in the months to come will be to organize and communicate about adding humanity at the centre of every response. 

This also means finding and implementing the proper incentives for heroes and team members. 

Becoming growth partners through industry benchmark

Finally, the next step in Coralie’s role as a head of Quality will be providing our customers with industry benchmarks so as to write together the future of customer service. 

This will be achieved by conducting audits on processes and macros, and by finding the best tools to help our customers grow.

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