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June 22, 2023

Heights extends its customer care in 10 days with full flexibility

Heights extends its customer care in 10 days with full flexibility

Heights extends its customer care in 10 days with full flexibility

Hello Charlotte! Can you introduce yourself and explain your role at Heights?

Hi, I’m Charlotte Hudson, Customer Care Manager at Heights. I have worked in the company for 2 years. I am a fully qualified Registered Associate Nutritionist with an MSc in Business with Entrepreneurial studies following a three-year BSc in Human Nutrition. I am currently in charge of our Customer Service, managing two permanent agents in my team. My mission is to work on client retention, build strong client relationships and create data-driven, high performing customer service teams.

Can you present in a few words, what is Heights?

Panic, insomnia, low mood, brain fog, chronic stress are just some of the symptoms many of us have come to accept from the demands in this modern world. But it shouldn't be that way! 

Friends Dan Murray-Serter and Joel Freeman, who struggle with mental and physical health, needed braincare. In 2018, they decided to put their personal experiences behind the creation of their own company: Heights.

This UK-based wellness startup offers supplements to support both your brain and body.. Three years on and tons of positive testimonials later, Heights has become the highest-rated brain care company in the world, by providing high quality, sustainable plant-based supplements with their Smart Probiotic being the fastest growing probiotic product in the EU.

What were your challenges before working with Onepilot ?

Twice a year we have the chance to go on a company wide retreat. Unfortunately, it is hard to enjoy the moment when you work in customer care, especially when there are only 3 people in your department to handle a high volume of tickets (5k per month)

You know as much as me…, customers won’t wait days, even hours to get a response from your company. So you need to continue handling tickets to not have any negative impact on your CSAT, while the others enjoy the retreat :)

As customer satisfaction is a priority at Heights, we want to keep our high levels of satisfaction any time of the year. It means providing a quick first response and resolution time to our customers. The KPIs we track on our tickets are; % of one-touch tickets, macro use and conversion ratio.

We called on Onepilot to take the lead on our customer care during our retreats and provide cover where needed.

How is Onepilot different from standard customer care outsourcing?

We were looking for a company who could help on these two retreats but that did not have ongoing commitments. 

For instance, if we only wanted to activate the service for 2 weeks per year, it was possible. We could also call Onepilot if we needed extra help during specific times of the year such as team holidays and illnesses etc. They’re super flexible and quick to get started as once you have trained your agents, they can jump in on your tickets to clear your backlog rapidly given it could take 3 times longer to train extra staff for a short period of time. In 10 days, Onepilot's agents were able to start treating our tickets, that was impressive!

Communication was a big one for us and one of the main reasons we chose Onepilot. When speaking to historical providers with larger teams, we found them a bit scattered but with Onepilot, it was really easy to get the ball rolling. 

Also, the Onepilot platform is a real asset! I can check the most popular tickets to help me improve the business. Quality analysis made it really easy to get confidence, more reassured about Onepilot performance. Plus, you can run 30 free test tickets to evaluate the quality of the agent's responses.

Finally, we found a lot of the pricing structures pretty steep, but liked that with Onepilot, it’s only £49 per month to stay looped in which is ideal. We keep access to the Onepilot App and all the resources on it and when you need to reactivate the service at a specific time of the year it is super easy.

How did the onboarding go? 

The onboarding was quick and simple. I sent over a few documents to Emily, who is an Operation Manager at Onepilot and my dedicated contact there. She asked loads of great questions via Slack where we mainly communicated and built the entire Heights knowledge base by herself. She was quite autonomous on this as we were short of time. Within 10 days we had everything set up and ready to go!  

The different check-in calls were also really useful to quickly ask clarifying questions and ensure we were all on the same page. Onepilot processes are very smooth, they do everything to simplify your onboarding and are very proactive with great recommendations as they are already helping 200+ brands to outsource their customer care.

How did your support KPIs evolve before/after Onepilot? 

We almost reached 5⭐️ CSAT score with a 16% increase after working with Onepilot (from 4.8 to 4.96)
We have also noticed +9% conversion ratio on Gorgias and generated £1.4k in sales for us.
Also, we came in under budget at £89 per head for the retreat to have coverage. 

The final word from Charlotte

"The Onepilot team is very approachable - they are friendly and I felt like we could quickly build good rapport. Good relations are really important when you decide to outsource your customer service and after this experience, my feeling was quite right :) It’s a pleasure working with you guys and I look forward to having your help going forward."

Don't wait until you are overwhelmed with requests! Like Heights, truts Onepilot to outsource your customer care. Onepilot offers you a fast, flexible and easy-to-implement solution to quickly scale your teams. We guarantee 100% human and qualitative answers managed by our native agents. Contact us for a demo here.

Charlotte Hudson, Customer Care Manager @Heights

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