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November 24, 2022

How an E-shop like Les Raffineurs, offering a large catalogue of products from several brands, manage the peaks of activity of its customer support?

How an E-shop like Les Raffineurs, offering a large catalogue of products from several brands, manage the peaks of activity of its customer support?

How an E-shop like Les Raffineurs, offering a large catalogue of products from several brands, manage the peaks of activity of its customer support?

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Since 2014, Les Raffineurs E-shop has been striving to offer a selection of objects and accessories that are as interesting as they are varied, so that you can find a gift for both men and women! Whether it's an unusual gift, an exceptional gift or a gift you've fallen in love with, you're sure to find something you like. They also offer experiences in Paris, Lyon and throughout France.

Today, there are more than 500 products from 200 different brands found in some forty countries that can be found on their website or discovered in their gift shops in Paris, Lille and Nantes.

What is it like to manage the customer service of Les Raffineurs?

Being an e-shop like Les Raffineurs has many advantages for the end customer, who has access to a very wide range of products at different prices, but also for the brands present on the platform, as they can benefit from :
- wider exposure for their products via the audience generated on Les Raffineurs
- the promotional actions put in place
- functionalities offered that allow them to better serve their customers (stock management, search for products at another seller, etc.)
- a technical environment that guarantees the security of transactions, allowing the seller to rely on the refiners

However, managing customer service with such a large catalogue of products from different brands is complex, because with 3 actors involved in the exchanges surrounding a sale or after-sales service, there is a multiplicity of possible interactions such as :

- on the guarantee of a product: Customer + Eshop + Seller
- on the use of the E-shop: Customer + Eshop
- dispute about a stock defect: Eshop + Seller
- product returns: Customer + Seller

In order to offer a quality service before, during and after the sale, it is therefore necessary to orchestrate these different players well and to centralise requests as much as possible via efficient customer management tools, so that the customer's overall experience with the platform is complete and successful.

How did Les Raffineurs maintain a high level of customer service in the run-up to Christmas with Onepilot?

At the head of Les Raffineurs and Petits raffineurs customer service? Sophie Boileau, who joined the team in October 2020.
All year round, she manages four customer relations officers, whose time is divided between operational work to provide answers to all requests and improving the service in terms of both processes and tools.
But with the end-of-year holidays approaching, the teams are not large enough to handle the volume of customer requests.

"We have a really high volume from November onwards, it's a very short but intense period for our service, during which we face both human and quality issues in the responses we provide. It is to compensate for these human resources that we called on Onepilot", Sophie Boileau, Les Raffineurs.

Scaling its teams and extending its customer support hours with external agents

All year round, Refiners' customer support is open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, but during the Christmas period, the number of requests can increase from 2,000 to...15,000 per month!

This poses several challenges for the e-shop: maintaining the quality and productivity of its customer service despite the high volume of tickets, maintaining an average response time of less than 24 hours and a CSAT of over 94%.

For the third consecutive year, Les Raffineurs called on Onepilot's agents to reinforce its teams over a short period of time and to extend the hours of its service from 8am to 1am on weekdays, as well as during weekends.

"This allows us to deal with the excess demand over much longer periods of time. It is otherwise difficult to ask internal teams to go beyond 10pm and this represents additional costs. With Onepilot, we are charged per ticket processed regardless of the time, day or communication channel", explains Sophie.

In less than two weeks, the agents were operational to handle any type of customer ticket, isolating the processes that do not require interaction with the warehouses or the company, mainly by email, but also by telephone.

Equipping yourself with an omnichannel solution is essential to manage the complexity of your customer service exchanges. Refiners use Zendesk as a ticketing tool which is integrated with the Onepilot platform. This makes it easier for agents to handle all requests, all in one place, and increases productivity while providing better and more personal support.

At the end of December 2021, CSAT was maintained at a very good level of 96%.

Guarantee a quality service thanks to a customised knowledge base and data collection to monitor agent performance

Customer support for an e-shop with so many products must be able to respond to requests for the different brands listed, as well as manage the logistics of the products sent and customer returns with different carriers.
"It is important for us to be able to handle all requests in a uniform manner in accordance with our processes and to ensure that each problem is answered in the same way", explains Sophie.

Thanks to the knowledge base built by the Account Manager dedicated to the Refiners account at Onepilot, the external agents can easily find the answer to each customer case listed on the platform and thus provide a qualified and homogeneous response in complete autonomy.

"We have a really good follow-up of the agents on the platform, all the data of the treated requests is available, it is a simple and intuitive tool and we can make the knowledge base evolve over time".

The performance of the agents is monitored thanks to a monitoring dashboard made up of precise indicators such as: the number of tickets processed, the average response time, the recontact rate, etc.
Sophie can also continuously check the quality of the answers formulated by the agents thanks to Onepilot's proprietary reading grid and send her remarks directly to the platform so that they can improve.

The final word from Sophie Boileau, Customer Experience and Service Manager at Les Raffineurs

The relationship with the teams is a real strength! The solution is quickly implemented and they are always available to discuss our customers' problems on a daily basis, so that we can adjust our processes as best we can. What I find reassuring is the continuity of our collaboration with Onepilot. We've been working together for three years now and every year we have the opportunity to point out areas for improvement, we understand how everyone works and in the end it's beneficial in the long term, we come back to it :)

Don't wait until you are overwhelmed with requests! Like Les Raffineurs, trust Onepilot to outsource your customer support. Onepilot offers you a fast, flexible and easy-to-implement solution to quickly scale your customer support. We guarantee 100% human and qualitative answers managed by our native FR, UK, ALL, SP agents. Contact us now for a demo here.

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