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April 24, 2024

How did JOTT manage to absorb ten times the volume of tickets during its peak periods?

How did JOTT manage to absorb ten times the volume of tickets during its peak periods?

How did JOTT manage to absorb ten times the volume of tickets during its peak periods?

The French brand that has taken the European outerwear market by storm was founded in Marseille in 2010. It owes its success to its iconic, timeless lightweight down jacket, available in a range of colours and presented on an eye-catching wall of pockets in its concept stores. The brand's rapid expansion is based on its historic wholesale model and a powerful network of franchises. Over the last three years, the model has shifted more towards retail sales, with the brand opening several boutiques in major international cities. Since 2021, JOTT's challenge has been to build a unified brand strategy and a centralised approach to customer experience. Boris joined JOTT in 2023 to improve customer service and decided to pivot to a brand-centric model and collaborate with Onepilot.

Challenges Faced by JOTT Before Onepilot:

Before partnering with Onepilot, JOTT struggled with higher costs and longer response times through their previous external service provider. Despite using Zendesk in 2022 to centralize data, JOTT faced challenges in transforming its basic operational procedures into a detailed knowledge base. The lack of proactivity, flexibility, and higher costs highlighted the need for a change.

Transition to Onepilot:

For JOTT, transitioning to working with freelancers marked a significant shift. After overcoming its initial apprehensions, the brand said: “Working with Onepilot provided the proactivity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness we sought.”. 

As a down-jacket-expert brand, JOTT’s business is highly focused during the winter season.  Boris, Customer Success Manager at JOTT tells us: "Onepilot’s ability to scale the workforce and respond to seasonal fluctuations and sales peaks became a game-changer.".

How Onepilot Addresses JOTT’s Needs:

The response time during peak season, from November to the end of January reached the expectations especially when the Winter sale was launched: below 1 hour and a half. Over the past 3 months, the first response time was divided by 2. “Onepilot's flexibility in handling variable ticket volumes, rapid adaptability to process changes, and ability to tackle activity peaks with zero backlogs set them apart.”.  Unlike their previous service provider, Onepilot seamlessly handled a tenfold increase in ticket volume between summer and winter.

The implementation of a detailed knowledge base within three weeks, coupled with a decrease in resolution time, marked tangible improvements. 

"The success of the relationship with Onepilot is attributed to their agility, innovative tools, understanding of critical issues, comprehensive reporting and alignment with industry standards.". 

What JOTT Appreciates Most:

Above all, the agility and availability of its management, who describe us as innovative in terms of tools, data interpretation and interface. The assurance of a partner who closely follows their business during peak seasons brings peace of mind

"We've got our costs under control with Onepilot and we're moving forward calmly at each peak in activity because we know we won't have a backlog.".


The transformation of JOTT’s customer relationship with Onepilot showcases how strategic partnerships can drive success in an industry where adaptability and customer-centricity are paramount. Boris concludes by saying: "Onepilot remains a reliable partner, embodying the qualities needed to meet the challenges of the retail sector.”.

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