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October 6, 2023

How Pony supports its rapid growth with 24/7 customer care

How Pony supports its rapid growth with 24/7 customer care

How Pony supports its rapid growth with 24/7 customer care

“We were some of their first clients and witnessed the incredible platform evolution (e.g: the ticket and call center). Yet the quality and the reactivity of the service never changed! Onepilot is much more agile than other providers, with over 86% of incoming calls answered, and they clearly are on a steady growth path”

The french start-up that breaks the code of mobility

Founded in 2017 by the duo Clara Vaisse and Paul-Adrien Cormerais, Pony is a French start-up based in Angers, with a strong presence in Bordeaux. 

It is cultivating a differentiating positioning by offering electric scooters and top-of-the-range bicycles on a "free floating" basis, available for hire directly from your phone. Individuals can buy the scooters and, depending on their needs, rent them out privately or allow other people to hire them. 

Pony is targeting towns and cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, and is currently found around 15 cities in France and Belgium.

Offer a reactive support while expanding in new cities, especially during seasonal peaks

The activity of Pony rapidly expanded during the past two years, along with the number of customer requests. Initially relying on its operations team to handle demands, Pony had to scale its after-sales service to structure its growth and face increasing seasonal peaks. 

With Onepilot, Pony is now available 7 days a week, evenings included. The Customer Success team (initially composed of a head of operations, a customer success manager, and two agents) grew to incorporate 10 of our own Heroes, also known as trained agents specially prepared to answer Pony customers in 7 different languages (french, english, german, spanish, italian, dutch and portuguese) and in less than 3 minutes on all channels, including chatbox, phone calls, emails, and social media.

Pony goes a step further, by setting up additional agents during seasonal peaks, ensuring to benefit from the necessary assistance when facing sudden bursts of online traffic. Our flexibility and “à la carte” offering enables Pony and our other partners to rely on tailored services and minimise financial losses, while getting exactly the help they need on due time.

Onepilot agents handle different types of issues for Pony, such as ride-related problems, verification of parking spaces, or payment complications, among others. Familiar with the company’s processes and tone of voice, our agents act as integrant elements of the Pony team. 

“ Working with native and experienced agents has been very reassuring for us. It is not easy outsourcing your customer support, because you think nobody other than your internal team will be able to answer accurately to your users”, says Eva, Customer Success Manager at Pony.

Building an efficient knowledge base for Pony’s customer service

The onboarding process started 2 years ago. It only took 2 weeks for Onepilot to be perfectly up to speed on all channels, following which we could successfully handle all incoming requests, using Pony’s dedicated Knowledge base.

“Onepilot helped us to build a very efficient knowledge base where our external agents (the Heroes) can easily find relevant use cases, thanks to a clear architecture and elaborate AI predictions. That truly increases their efficiency on a daily basis!”, Eva rejoices.

Indeed, after some back and forth, thanks to Heroes feedback, and to Pony’s transparency, the knowledge base was increasingly optimised and completed, leading to incredibly positive payoffs such as a 92% rate of no-recontact tickets and a 97% CSAT record! 

“We operate in a market with very specific issues such as mandatory live operations. Onepilot built a personalised and ultra accurate knowledge base to set up all our processes and ensure our clients are satisfied. We were amazed by the sectoral knowledge of the Onepilot team”.

Eva now has full access to her  knowledge base on Onepilot’s platform, and can chat with her dedicated account manager on a daily basis if anything requires revision.

A final word from Eva Spreters

“We have been working with Onepilot for 2 years now and all I can say is that we are really happy about our collaboration. Their teams are highly committed and friendly, you can feel a mutual understanding of success, and their agents are really highly qualified. Finally, I would like to give a special thanks to Mehdi, our dedicated contact at Onepilot who has been great at managing our pool of external agents and super reactive whenever we needed to reach him!”

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