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December 21, 2023

Legal innovation in action: the Onepilot effect at LegalPlace

Legal innovation in action: the Onepilot effect at LegalPlace

Legal innovation in action: the Onepilot effect at LegalPlace

About LegalPlace

LegalPlace is the platform that simplifies the legal life of entrepreneurs and businesses. Its technology enables the provision of digitised legal services that are easily accessible and offered at optimised rates. LegalPlace is revolutionising the approach to law, empowering everyone to navigate the legal maze with confidence. By initially supporting business creation and subsequently assisting with tasks such as capital deposition, accounting, and legal monitoring, LegalPlace has continuously expanded its scope and currently covers over 6% of the market.

With 200 employees across three sites, LegalPlace filters incoming requests and engages with both businesses and individuals to help them realise their projects, transforming administrative obligations into a smooth and accessible process.

Why Onepilot

"Onepilot stands as the promise to talk to all our prospects."

LegalPlace turned to Onepilot primarily to fuel its continued growth. The daily volume of requests for their team exceeded the available internal resources. However, missing out on such opportunities was inconceivable for LegalPlace. Increasing the rate of handled requests became a top priority. Yet, considering the current shortage of accessible sales professionals in the market, LegalPlace opted for the Onepilot solution to ensure quality and responsive support in urgent situations. Onepilot acts as an extension of their team to handle incoming cases on a daily basis.

For Benjamin Cuménal, commercial director at LegalPlace, Onepilot was primarily the "promise to talk to all our prospects."

How did Onepilot operate?

Onepilot operates on two main fronts today: assisting entrepreneurs in business creation and handling status changes for companies.

"When it comes to assisting entrepreneurs, your agents act like SDRs we would have trained ourselves. They enable us to filter our pipeline daily and address an impressive number of prospects after considering their business projects. This allows us to pre-qualify our leads and facilitate our team’s takeover."

"As for status changes and company dissolutions, which are addressed at a B2B level, Onepilot agents are responsible for presenting our activities and organising the first meetings. They quickly embraced complex processes and the tools provided, demonstrating a remarkable adaptability."

Beyond our agents, the connection is ensured by Onepilot account managers, always "very involved and available" to guarantee fluidity and transparency.

What was Onepilot's impact? 

"For us, its additional revenue. Onepilot drastically increases our responsiveness by doubling our outbound call rate".

The real added value of Onepilot’s service is the contact rate.

"Comparing the contact rate of our SDRs with that of Onepilot agents, we observe a faster contact initiation as well as an increase in the number of reached prospects and arranged appointments. Onepilot generates as many appointments as our internal SDRs, with an equal productivity rate. Without Onepilot, we simply could not engage in conversations with certain prospects. Therefore, we optimise our conversion opportunities because Onepilot can double our outbound call rate."

Onepilot also allows LegalPlace to drastically increase its responsiveness. Not only are our agents a quantitative reinforcement, but they enable LegalPlace to reduce their time to initial contact to under an 1 hour after the arrival of a new lead.

"For us, its additional revenue. For tasks related to the modification of company status and dissolution, the conversion rate after a call is the same for Onepilot agents as for our internal teams, demonstrating the quality of their training.

It is this combination of quantity and quality that motivates us to project with this solution. We have been together for a year, and in our eyes, there is no reason for that to change. We consider Onepilot as a team member, to the point that we envision expanding it to other of our services over time."

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