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April 12, 2023

New Feature: Agents Gamification

New Feature: Agents Gamification

New Feature: Agents Gamification

We are excited to announce a fun new feature available for Onepilot agents, our Heroes!

Our heroes have always been targeted on tickets solved at a high quality to unlock bonuses to align with our clients interests. We wanted to take this to the next level to give our heroes complete transparency in the form of our gamification feature to help improve their performance.

Why offer a gamification feature?

By incentivizing customer care agents on each ticket and creating the conditions for their work to be something as fun as a game, we are able to:

  • Generate stickiness (churn is the main source of inefficiency and costs in the customer care industry)

  • Increase productivity (it already reduced the time between tickets)

  • Improve quality (as a client, you want to talk with someone that understands you and is happy to help).

We are also challenging the status quo in the customer care industry 🌟. Customer support can be fun and cost-efficient for our clients while still fairly paid for our Heroes.

How does it work?

The principle of our gamification is linked to 3 mechanisms:

- The first is to unlock bonuses in € (or Β£ for our UK friends!) for every 10, 100, 1K, ... ticket billed: the more you bill, the more you win, up to 500€ in bonuses!

- The second is to get great reviews when we analyze a part of your tickets: the best quality you provide to our customers, the more you win too!

- The last is to unlock several "Golden tickets" randomly to add a bit of spice :)

But this is only the first step, we have around 50 more gamification mechanisms to come, with a lot of funny ones, and even some which can help you show to your next employer your great experience with specific industries or customers. Stay tuned in the coming months!"

We always keep pushing to build the best app for next-gen customer care πŸš€



Interested in being a Onepilot Hero? We garantee a minimum wage, and you can work from your couch at the time slots you choose, and for the customers you prefer!

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