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January 23, 2023

Quitoque and Onepilot: 100% made in France

Quitoque and Onepilot: 100% made in France

Quitoque and Onepilot: 100% made in France

Quitoque is first and foremost a platform dedicated to the preparation of quality meals using fresh, seasonal produce. Subscribing to Quitoque means receiving the ingredients for delicious recipes whenever and wherever it suits you. We sat down with Timothée Goujon, Head of Customer Services at Quitoque, to discuss the importance of customer relations and Onepilot's overall performance.

Why Onepilot

Native agents

After testing various service providers, Quitoque chose Onepilot to handle its customer support operations in France. With its cuisine entirely sourced from French agriculture, it was important to be able to work with local agents. For the sake of consistency, and to reinforce the image of proximity conveyed to customers, it was essential for Quitoque that their subscribers deal with native agents. It was this quality, unique to Onepilot, that proved particularly attractive.

"The Onepilot agents are very dynamic and are as efficient as Quitoquiens that we would have trained in-house. Their commitment enables us to manage a higher volume of requests, while maintaining an exceptional quality of response".

Full flexibility in service activation

Secondly, the problems encountered by the Quitoque team during 2022 also highlighted certain limitations that the teams could encounter when absorbing peaks in activity, for example during the back-to-school period when all the customers return from their holidays and reactivate their subscriptions. To anticipate this risk, and ensure that operations can continue even in times of crisis, the presence of a BPO such as Onepilot is essential. That's why the possibility of activating shifts in just 24 hours proved to be the ideal solution for Quitoque.

As our interviewee himself said: "I wasn't familiar with this model, and it suits us perfectly. If we need to activate shifts at the last minute on a Sunday, it's possible. And that gives us peace of mind".

How is collaboration shaping up?

"Today, 100% of our customer requests go through Onepilot".

Whether managing customer queries or onboarding calls, Onepilot agents take responsibility for all Quitoque customer support. Onepilot has been able to adapt and train its agents to be able to operate on all channels, including email, livechat, whatsapp and even calls.

‍The collaboration between Onepilot and Quitoque has grown stronger over the months, thanks in particular to the transparency of the exchanges guaranteed by the Account Managers, who are always accessible and open to recommendations. It's precisely this ability to accept and incorporate feedback that has enabled Onepilot to gradually improve its services, and always strive for excellence. It's a forward-looking job, constantly evolving, much to the delight of the Quitoque teams. Onepilot's constant drive for dynamism is characterised by managers who are not afraid to take up challenges, and who are on the lookout for the slightest opportunity for improvement, both in terms of managing agents and optimising its proprietary technology. The Knowledge Base is updated as required, and has been developed in line with Quitoque's own values and processes. All tickets can be handled efficiently live, thanks in particular to the help of artificial intelligence, which automatically suggests the most appropriate response to agents. Just-in-time management is one of Onepilot's key selling points. In the event of an unexpected peak in activity, additional agents can be mobilised overnight, avoiding any overload.

"Onepilot's unique flexibility is particularly reflected in its infrequent onboarding system. Your staffing method allows you to adapt quickly to seasonal needs, offering invaluable flexibility and unprecedented responsiveness. What's more, the cost-per-ticket system offers reassuring financial transparency. We know precisely the costs associated with each interaction with our customers, which offers real visibility over the work done by the agents."

Onepilot's added value

Onepilot has played a key role in significantly improving Quitoque's customer service, as shown by a number of key performance indicators.

Telephone service quality improved significantly, reaching an impressive QS (Quality of Service) of 98%. This improvement is reflected in overall customer satisfaction, as measured by the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which rose to 8.9, demonstrating a positive and lasting customer experience. What's more, thanks to the effective implementation of strategies by Onepilot, the First Response Time (FRT) per email is under 15 minutes, ensuring exceptional responsiveness to customer needs.

These positive results are encouraging the Quitoque team to look forward to working with Onepilot, to the point of considering taking the collaboration even further.

"When we supervised some of the shifts ourselves, we noticed how excellent the agents were."

Finally, the success of this partnership can also be explained by the similarities between the two companies. If Quitoque is happy with Onepilot, it's also because its DNA echoes the values of a horizontal company, where everyone feels involved and gets their hands dirty.

"We have the feeling that we're working with a company that looks like us. The managers are available, know the processes inside out, and don't mind getting involved in the day-to-day processes. This horizontality really gives the impression that at Onepilot, it's one for all, and all for one."

If you are curious to learn more about our collaboration with Quitoque, you can watch our exclusive interview here.

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