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May 25, 2022

"SPRiNG: Onepilot & Aircall for 24/7 User Response"

"SPRiNG: Onepilot & Aircall for 24/7 User Response"

"SPRiNG: Onepilot & Aircall for 24/7 User Response"

SPRiNG, a business model based on ecology and excellent customer service 

Founded in 2020, SPRiNG offers eco-responsible household products, adapted to the consumption of each household and delivered directly to their mailboxes.

Co-founders Benjamin, Philippe and Laure are on a mission to do away with plastic cans by offering clean, effective formulas that are free of controversial materials. 

We spoke to Benjamin Guerville, who told us the story of SPRiNG and how the brand has built its reputation not only on the quality of its products, but also on its customer experience in France and Europe. 

When it launched a year ago, the company called on Onepilot and Aircall to offer an exceptional experience to its users at all times with remote teams. 

Customer experience at the heart of SPRiNG's value proposition, and the importance of the voice channel

In charge of SPRiNG's growth marketing, Benjamin, who worked at Rakuten and Shopmium, considers the customer experience to be a real growth driver. 

"Faced with a young company, the consumer may be suspicious and need to be reassured throughout the purchasing process. That's why you have to be available and always give current and future customers the opportunity to easily interact with a human."

An ambitious goal that requires, above all, a perfect, instantaneous, multi-channel response to Spring users at any time, while 70% of Internet purchases are made in the evening and on weekends. 

Aircall and Onepilot: the winning duo for efficient and human customer support

"Ringing phones are always a bit of an interruption - you need dedicated people to answer the phone quickly, and well-trained people to answer in the right way, to reassure the customer. And there's no better way to do that than with phone conversations. "

For Benjamin, the choice of Aircall was motivated by several factors: ease of use, remote-friendly, and the integration with Gorgias, which allows all customer data to be in one place. 

"With Aircall, I know that all conversation history, including recordings, is linked to Gorgias. This allows me to have a better understanding of our customers and also to be able to serve them better."

For Benjamin Guerville as well as for Pierre Latscha, co-founder of Onepilot, if the collection of information facilitated by the integration of Aircall and Gorgias is key in customer knowledge, it also allows to deepen the partnership between SPRiNG and Onepilot.

The recording of calls first of all enables the training of Onepilot's customer support agents (Support Heroes), part of whose training consists of listening to the calls of internal teams in order to be as close as possible to their tone of voice, their vocabulary or their speech to reassure a customer. At the same time, the feature allows SPRiNG and Onepilot to continuously improve the quality of the answers offered to SPRiNG's end customers. 

According to Pierre Latscha - co-founder of Onepilot, the collaboration with SPRiNG would not have been as successful without Aircall. 

"Aircall is the right VoIP tool to deliver on our promise. The telephone is a critical communication channel, a real retention and acquisition lever for SPRiNG. Aircall has allowed us to support Spring's growth with marginal effort due to its ease of use and integration with many tools such as ours and Gorgias."

Outgoing calls as a loyalty vector

Faced with the significant increase in its customer base and the evolution of their expectations, SPRiNG and Onepilot have devised outbound call scenarios through Aircall. 

The first objective of these missions is to contact SPRiNG users when they receive their test packs in order to obtain their feedback, pass it on to SPRiNG's tech or product teams and maximise their attachment to the brand. 

The second objective of the outbound calls is to deal with a problem rarely identified by e-retailers with a subscription business model: the expiration of credit cards. Each year, an average of 30% of Blue Cards expire, and as many subscriptions are affected. SPRiNG therefore wanted this stage, which often leads to subscribers dropping out, to be handled through a human exchange.

"Taking the time to call a customer is firstly seen as a very special and surprising attention, and secondly as a mark of the respect the company has for its customer. It allows us to quickly de-escalate any conflict, to offer a commercial gesture instantly, but also to get fresh and sincere feedback, which we would never have obtained by sending an NPS, for example."

The Aircall x Onepilot duo, strategic to SPRiNG's growth, essentially allows SPRiNG to never lose sight of the importance of customer satisfaction, while increasing retention, with a single call. 

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