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September 22, 2023

Why Cabaïa "simply can’t imagine the future" without Onepilot

Why Cabaïa "simply can’t imagine the future" without Onepilot

Why Cabaïa "simply can’t imagine the future" without Onepilot

“It is game-changing to have such qualitative customer care on evenings and weekends. We save so much time & money, and can finally focus on our main targets. We don’t have to worry about staff training, turnover, or tedious management. It’s so easy to work with Onepilot, we simply can’t imagine the future without them now”.


Cabaïa is a French company that specialises in creating vibrant and sustainable luggage, backpacks, pockets, and other accessories. They are known for their interchangeable and customizable products, allowing customers to mix and match designs to suit their style. The brand has experienced remarkable growth and currently holds a prominent position in the industry, now forecasting to double in size annually and to become one of the most prominent french backpack brands. 

‍Such growth obviously comes with structural challenges and increased responsibilities. Due to sky-scraping seasonal peaks, dealing with customer requests turned out to be a major pain point. Indeed, managing tens of thousands of monthly requests while solely relying on internal solutions seemed herculean. Constant recruiting, training and management of an ever increasing workforce… Not to mention an exponential number of clients who might need assistance. But here comes Onepilot to the rescue. 


Onepilot acts as a relief package for Cabaïa’s head of care, who logically wants to avoid managing a huge internal turnover. With over 55 agents allocated to the brand and trained for the occasion, we take in charge every unanswered customer request, and divide the original response time by four. From 7AM to 9PM, Onepilot’s team of dynamic problem solvers restlessly supports Cabaïa to ensure each client feels considered, every day of the week. Results appear within a week, reaching full speed in three. This was notably achieved through a joint effort and transparent coordination, based on the brand’s coaching blueprint and following a detailed, straightforward onboarding process. Integrating Cabaïa’s data in a custom Onepilot knowledge base granted our agents with the ideal tools to efficiently address customers. This “well-organised knowledge tree” maximises our agents’ productivity, enabling them to absorb substantial influx while maintaining elite standards. 

‍Our data-driven approach ensures maximum efficiency, drawing from both customer satisfaction reports and quality checks conducted in collaboration with Cabaïa. With over 95% of happy customers, it is safe to say that we are on the right path, to the point our partner “can’t imagine the future without Onepilot”. 


Onepilot’s top-notch technology combined with human interactions created a new industry paradigm which earned Cabaïa’s trust in the long run. AI functions as a performance enhancer for our agents, while clients are guaranteed human contact. Beyond the insurance of human interaction, we also commit to grab the phone if the problem is not solved after three written exchanges. This dedication to qualitative engagement goes against the industry trends, and reassures both our partners and their clients. 

‍The romance continues with Cabaïa, for Onepilot steadily supports its growth and allows them to focus on their key objectives. Our in-house management system led by skilled account managers makes it “easy to work with Onepilot”, and “relieves a lot of stress” from Cabaïa employees while ultimately optimising their profit margins and brand image. 

‍In other words, we save time, money and peace of mind to our Cabaïa fellows, while strengthening the brand’s value proposition. Beyond a customer care platform, Onepilot stands as a long term growth opportunity. 

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