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January 15, 2023

How DASH Water increased its subscriber count by 15% and its AOV by 14% in 3 months thanks to Onepilot?

How DASH Water increased its subscriber count by 15% and its AOV by 14% in 3 months thanks to Onepilot?

How DASH Water increased its subscriber count by 15% and its AOV by 14% in 3 months thanks to Onepilot?

What is DASH Water ? 

Fruit infused water that’s as tasty as it is sustainable 

Founded in 2017, DASH Water created a delicious fruit infused water with simple and sustainable ingredients. 

By rescuing real wonky fruit, they are able to make natural soft drinks with no sugar,  calories or sweeteners. DASH Water currently boasts 6 different flavours. Packaged in fully recyclable aluminium cans, you can buy your fruit infused water as a one time purchase or as part of a subscription or a bundle for a reduced price. So whether you’d like to try out new flavours or you’re already loyal to a fan favourite, you can get delicious DASH drinks delivered straight to your door! 

What were DASH Water challenges before working with Onepilot ?

‍At DASH Water, they believe in outsourcing where required. The only challenge is finding the right partner they can 100% trust.

One of the main problems DASH had with previous forms of outsourcing was communication. Once the processes were set up in a knowledge base, there was no kind of ongoing learning. Since there was no formal way to improvement, a lot of similar questions were asked and the micro-management became time consuming for the internal team - defeating the purpose of outsourcing.

Another issue, no metrics were available from the previous solution. DASH needed to do it manually, and due to the traditional hourly pay of outsourcing it was extremely difficult to scale. Due to this, agents were responding slowly to the demands and taking additional time to ask unnecessary questions. They had no motivation to be efficient and it eventually became a waste of time and money for the company.

How is Onepilot different from standard customer care outsourcing?

Onepilot are handling many different processes for DASH. We are omni-channel, responding to Emails, Chats, and Social Media tickets 24/7 for customer queries relating to rewards, subscriptions, order tracking and abnormal deliveries just to name a few. Since our collaboration, their average active subscribers has increased by 14.89% and the average orders per subscribers has increased by 13.43%.

‍Holly Crossley, Head of Ecommerce at DASH Water told us the three things that come to mind when she thinks of Onepilot:

#1 Peace of mind 

“Onepilot is a part of our team and is able to understand our processes and teach the heroes on a day to day basis.They are experts in the things that they do because that’s what they focus on all day, everyday.” explains Holly

Because Onepilot’s Account Manager handles the heroes efficiency, Holly and her team can focus on their daily tasks without worrying for their customers. One question gets asked and it doesn’t need to be asked again, thanks to the tech side of Onepilot. It helped their internal organisation too. How? When a new issue comes up, they build the processes and macros and they know it will be transferred to the heroes, quickly and efficiently.

#2 Simple platform easy to onboard

“Onepilot platform is really good for us to see things like the average response time and to check where our costs are going.”

After the first meeting with the Account Manager we spent a few hours brain-dumping and reviewing as many processes as possible before the onboarding, to build a strong knowledge base. From the brand prospective, after launch, minor changes may be needed but it doesn't break apart the KB, it’s simply adapted.

With this tool, answers go directly in to the KB with a really clear process. It makes it visible for the heroes and for the internal team who can even modify them further if needed, based on the feedback from the heroes.

Thanks to the intuitive platform, DASH can find all the information they need in just a few clicks and even modify processes if need be. With the integrated dashboard, it is simple to follow your performance metrics then ever while the Operation Manager takes care of the heroes efficiency and quality on a daily basis. 

#3 Cost & time efficient

“Onepilot is way more cost-efficient for us.  We can really see us scaling with onepilot and it not being an exponential cost that we have to incur.”

Onepilot is great at showing costs, metrics, responses and processes, but also at optimising your time. Onepilot reduced 100% of the time DASH spent on tickets and cut overall customer service spend in half. You can focus on your mission while your dedicated Account Manager builds the processes and teaches the agents. But the big differentiation is the cost model At Onepilot, agents are paid by the number of tickets solved which is more convenient for the client but also for the heroes. Why? Because they are rewarded for the number of tickets they solved and not the number of hours they do, which increases their productivity. Now, the First Response Time by Email is 6.16 min and 0.97 min by Chat. Impressive isn’t it?

The final word from Holly Crossley, Head of Ecommerce at Dash Water

‍“Customers feel like they’re part of DASH, they are getting a great service and then continue to purchase. Our most profitable customers are subscribers, and we are making sure they have the best experience with us. Nowadays, having the best experience for your customers means to be available 24/7 on every channel”.

Don't wait until you are overwhelmed with requests! Like DASH Water, trust Onepilot to outsource your customer support. Onepilot offers you a fast, flexible and easy-to-implement solution to quickly scale your teams. We guarantee 100% human and qualitative answers managed by our native agents. Contact us now for a demo here.

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